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Learn 3 Mold Basics:

  • The only way to have mold – it to have moisture control.  Control that and you will control the mold.
  • Do you have mold in your home?  Clean up the mold promptly and fix the water issue.
  • If you have water damage (flood, leak, major spill) it is very important to completely dry and water-damaged areas within 36 hours to prevent mold growth.

Mold Facts:
In 1928, while working with Staphylococcus bacteria, Scottish scientist Alexander Fleming noticed a “halo” of inhibited bacterial growth surrounding a type of mold growing by accident on a laboratory plate. The substance secreted by the mold, which Fleming called penicillin, later became one of the world’s first antibiotic drugs.  Source: nih.gov

As you know mold in your home or business is a disaster, as soon as you start noticing any signals – you need to take action and investigate it further. It can be on your own – or have a professional step in and help with inspection.  Remember, it doesn’t matter the kind of mold – but th speed at which your remediation begins.  It is important to do this immediately, because it is a serious health hazard and dangerous.  Before you take action – understand the basics and take necessary precautions, so you are not risking your health.

What are the basics?

The infestation of mold is inevitable when moisture and water levels are too high, but you can prevent them from spreading. If you notice something, don’t waste your time – the mold has already started.  Get a mold inspection service to see what the extent of the damage is.  Worst case scenario – you are fine.  Do not wait for it to get bad.

Molds are extremely harmful to you and your family, employees and customer’s health – the longer mold grows and spreads, the more damage it causes and the more difficult it is to remove. You should check out your home often, especially in those moist and damp areas because even the smallest amounts of mold can turn into a huge problem, it can ruin parts of your home and affect the health of your family. You should learn the basic symptoms – so you know what mold looks like and the early stages of damage.

Things to learn at our website:

  • Molds

    They tend to live outdoors, decays, and soils. They always thrive on a rich moisture and damp environment. They grow and spread usually in bathroom and kitchen tiles, basement walls and windows, ceilings and floors, and any areas that have water leaking. Molds begin as tiny spores that usually travel in the air and lands on damp areas where they grow and spread. They eat whatever and they cause more troubles than their sizes.

  • Mold inspection

    The process of checking a certain area whether it has molds infestations or not. You can do the checking yourself, but you should be sure that you know what you are doing. If you doubt in your capabilities, then this will be the time you need a mold inspection services. Their main responsible is to check areas for possible infestations and tell you how severe these areas are. Then, they will recommend you solutions of getting rid of these problems. They will also test if the molds are health hazards.  As a result, inspection is extremely necessary because this can prevent more serious problems.

  • Mold removal

    Although, the services will tell you what type of mold you have and how severe the problem is, they don’t usually remove these things from your home. They will just likely give you instructions and examples on how to get rid of these things from your home or business  for good. You can remove the molds yourself, but you can also call for mold removal services to do it. The inspector will just recommend you whom to call if you need professional assistance.

Mold can hide in places you use everyday.

What can removal services offer you?

Dealing with an infestations can be tasking and difficult if you don’t know how to get rid of them and when you just have found out that there are mold infestations in your house. Having them spell disaster, so getting a hold of the best services is your best option to get things back on track and suitable for all. You may be thinking that you don’t need such services and save some by attempting to remove them yourself, but this will just makes things worst.

Bear in mind that an excellent removal service will not just remove every trace of mold from your house, but also provides you with knowledge and awareness, so that you can be vigilant in keeping your house free of mold in the future. They can also offer more inspections throughout the year, giving you peace of mind. Hiring removal services are a great way to protect your investment and can restore the air quality in your home and/or business.